Producify | 5 Critical Tips for Using Video in Your Law Firms Marketing in 2016
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5 Critical Tips for Using Video in Your Law Firms Marketing in 2016

5 Critical Tips for Using Video in Your Law Firms Marketing in 2016

Once you have your videos ready for your law firm, it’s essential to put them in the all the right places and implement some savvy marketing strategies. Here’s a list of 5 critical tips to get you in the right direction for 2016.

1.Video Rocks Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that naturally draws folks to your law firm, and video is a killer inbound marketing tool that can be used as a point of entry to draw potential clients back to your site. Engage and delight clients by adding video to your emails, blogs, social media platforms and landing pages. Inbound marketing videos pique the interest of viewers and keep them coming back for more.

2. YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Promote your video with YouTube pre-roll ads. YouTube pre-roll ads are a top of the funnel type of digital marketing. Use these ads to creating an awareness of your law firm, drive website traffic and for lead generation. In addition, viewers may do a search for your firm online, see your retargeting ad and become a client.

3. Promotion of Law Firm and Staff

Whether your law firm prefers to convey a corporate image or a family-like image, add video profiles of your attorneys and staff members to advance your firm’s image while building a relationship between you and your potential clients. You may even want to get creative with a video tour of your office to introduce your firm and staff to potential clients.

4. Add Video to Written Blogs

Adding video to your written legal blogs helps establish a personal connection with you and your legal practice. It makes it easier to gain trust and establish credibility. The bottom line here is that video adds life among all of that static text.

5. Educate Potential Clients and Shorten the Sales Cycle

Add video that helps educate potential clients. This can include answering common questions on specific legal topics or providing legal information on how to file a lawsuit. The possibilities are endless. Educational videos can be used to communicate messages at multiple stages of the sales cycle and used to shorten the sales cycle.

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