Producify | What do Jeb Bush and INBOUND marketing have in common?
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What do Jeb Bush and INBOUND marketing have in common?

What do Jeb Bush and INBOUND marketing have in common?

JetBlue. I’ll explain later. I am posting this a bit after the fact, but after some much needed reflection on the past couple of weeks it was time to put my thoughts on paper, or at least on a Word document. We were interested in learning more about Inbound marketing and decided I would attend this years HubSpot Inbound conference in beautiful Boston. What an amazing time I had! There were so many insightful and talented people presenting it was an overload of information. Luckily, many of the slides used by the presenters were recently posted online in case you weren’t able to make it. Not only were the presenters a treat, but also the many wonderful attendees I met kept me from getting lonely even though I traveled alone. The attendees’ backgrounds varied so much it was almost a game to try to guess what industry they came from. One thing we all shared in common was the interest in learning more about utilizing INBOUND marketing. Not to mention I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite comedians, Amy Schumer perform. She was fantastic!

After an exciting four days at the conference it was time to pack it up and head home. So there I am at the Logan International Airport waiting to board my JetBlue flight. Which in case you didn’t know they like to board from the rear first. Hence my boredom and staring off into to space while I wait for my row to be called to my surprise I noticed a gentleman that looked uncannily like Jeb Bush.  At first I just thought the exhaustion from the past week was starting to kick in.  I couldn’t help myself and couldn’t stop staring.  I’ve always been such a big advocate for voting and being in the know of current politics, especially being a woman.  Sorry to pull that card but those before us had to fight for the right and I believe by utilizing that right I’m showing them the respect for their sacrifice.

So here I am, a native Floridian standing next to our previous Governor of our beautiful state.  Now I’m seriously giddy!  I’m so excited to be standing next to the man who may be the next president of the United States.  Maybe a small chance, but still a chance!  Did I mention I’m standing in line to board a JetBlue flight?  Not that I’m a huge Jeb Bush fan but I must say I’m a sucker for a politician who isn’t afraid to board a domestic flight with us little people.  So I really was in shock and couldn’t believe he was really there.  I couldn’t help but continue to stare at him.  Was it really him?

I was standing next to a group of gentlemen and I asked, “Is that Jeb Bush?”  They instantly smiled and replied, “Yes it is.”  I couldn’t contain myself and I’m not proud of it but I blurted out a so not appropriate expletive.  Again, not my proudest moment but I must admit I do have bit of a potty mouth.  Before I knew it there he was right next to me in all of his glory standing next to me!  He was so tall!  Let me just say everyone on television always looks tall and being in the production industry I know they usually aren’t.  But Jeb, he’s very tall, like 6’4” tall!  He walked over to our group made a few comments that I wish I could tell you but no clue!  I mean seriously no clue!  Yes that is correct I blacked out. At that point even though I wanted to continue our conversation, if you could call it that, but instead I knew my priorities were to get my luggage onboard and stop embarrassing myself further. I scooped my luggage and self-esteem off the dirty airport floor and walked down the catwalk.

As I was walking down the corridor I wanted to scream out to everyone, “Jeb Bush is here! Jeb Bush is here!”  Instead I saved the little humility I had left and battled the rest of the passengers for my minuscule piece of the overhead bins.  Luckily, I was seated a few rows back from the former Governor and I felt like a stalker.  I was watching every move and even snuck a picture in.  As I sat on the flight all I could think is didn’t anyone else see him?  Doesn’t anyone else care?  Can you imagine if it was Kim Kardashian instead?  It would have been chaos!  I’m pretty sure we would have had to ground the flight.  No offense to Kim, I’d say hi if I saw her, but this man may have the ability to one day declare war and end the world as we know it!  Kim K. has the ability to cause mass hysteria among millions to buy the latest trends and surgical procedures. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I must say it was a good day. I feel pretty thankful that I ended my INBOUND conference with a Presidential candidate on my flight.  By the way, he was watching ESPN’s “30 for 30” starring his brother and former President George Bush. I am not trying to endorse anyone, but kudos to Jeb for flying like the rest of us and for stopping so I could grab a quick selfie.

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