Producify | Video Content Helps Biotech Companies Reach Their Target Audience
Producify is the most flexible way to step up your video storytelling. We are a full-service video production and video marketing agency serving businesses of all sizes throughout the world. Our clients include some of the most successful law, finance, tech and healthcare companies in the world.
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Video Content Helps Biotech Companies Reach Their Target Audience

Video Content Helps Biotech Companies Reach Their Target Audience

Biotech companies need to do more than just come up with new ways to use living systems to develop products – they need to market their product and their brand story to consumers and investors. Biotech company websites now litter the Internet, with established corporations and upstarts competing for a share of the market. Blogs, product overviews, white papers, customer reviews, and eye-catching graphics may not be enough to attract the attention of Internet denizens. Visual learners inhabit the modern world, and these inhabitants expect a video play button on every website they visit.

Benefits of Video Production for Biotech Marketing

Video production offers a cost-effective and easily distributed means by which biotech companies of every size can present their brand message with a compelling voice. Video production, in essence, levels the playing field for all who participate.

Video can represent your biotech company in ways that other media cannot. Videos can integrate interviews, animations, narrations, and graphics that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate in writing, pictures, or other media.

Video production can differentiate your biotech company from your competitors. Life Technologies, acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2013, set themselves apart from other biotech companies through their videos. Many of their videos use the fictional animated characters Ph.Diddy and Ph.Diva and humorous content to market its high-res accurate-mass spectrometry tools. The technical quality and highly specific target audience of these videos established Thermo Fisher Scientific as a thought leader in biotech marketing.

Video production does not have to be extensive and it certainly does not have to be a futuristic animation; a simple interview or narrative coupled with footage of the product in action, can be just as compelling and informative. A corporate video by PharmaCyte Biotech highlights the company’s signature live-cell encapsulation technology, Cell in a Box, used as treatments for cancer and diabetes.

Video content shows the biotech product – and the people behind it – in action. Biotech is a visually exciting field that, because of its highly technical nature, can come across as dull in written content. Even colorful infographics do not do the vibrant world of biotech justice.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but video will be worth more than $6 billion in 2015, according to MarketingProfs. Every month, about 75 million people watch the 45 billion videos streamed online in the United States. This means investors and consumers are hungry for content, especially video content that targets their special interests.

Video production is becoming an increasingly important biotech-marketing tool. Set your biotech company apart with high quality video production today.

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